If you’d like to find out more about Gray Barker, DON’T rely upon Wikipedia (that should pretty much go without saying). Currently, that Wiki article is just… sad. Maybe I’ll fix it when I get a chance.

Your best bet is to visit the Gray Barker Library Collection at the Waldomore in Clarksburg, WV. They have two ways to start your fantastical journey:

  • You can visit the Library site, which provides some details of his life, a bibliography of his works and, most importantly, hours you can visit the Collection to peruse the tons of books, magazines and correspondence collected there.
  • You can visit the Waldomore blog, written by David Houchin, curator of the Collection, himself.

Another good resource is CUFOS’ online storehouse of early UFO periodicals, including Gray Barker’s own Saucerian.

Robert Scheaffer has compiled his correspondence with Gray Barker into a handy pdf at

John Sherrod wrote a couple well-known articles about Gray for the Skeptical Inquirer.

Gray was also a writer and editor for the student newspaper of Glenville State Teacher’s College (Glenville, WV), when he attended there from 1942-1946. You can view the Mercury online and read pre-ufological articles about and by Barker.

Even though he wrote no science fiction, Gray has an entry in the Internet Speculative Fiction Database.

I will post further resources here when I get a chance, so be sure to check back every so often