This blog concerns Gray Barker, a fellow West Virginian and notorious UFO hoaxster. This blog chiefly concerns my research into his life for a biography I am writing about his life called The Truth Is Fantastic! 

Just as Gray Barker once did, I promise to keep eyes on the stars and my feet firmly planted on the ground.

Enjoy the site,
Tony Breeden 


If you’re interested in my take on Ufology and exotheology  (basically, a branch of speculative theology which seeks to answer questions regarding the possible impact of the discovery of extraterrestrial life), check out Strangers and Aliens: A Christian Sci-fi Author Examines the Argument for Extraterrestrial Life, available on Amazon.com. Originally, there was a great deal of information about Barker in Strangers and Aliens but it grew too large, until it became obvious that I just needed to take most of it out and write a biography. For those who are interested, there is still some good stuff in the book about Barker, especially his involvement in the Albert K Bender affair that became the basis of his 1956 book, They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers.