Did Gray Barker think the Mothman was really just an owl?

I have previously written about the Mothman of Point Pleasant, WV on another site. Some of my readers were probably disappointed that I came down on the skeptical side of things, but when you research someone like Barker, you tend to become a bit skeptical about a great many things!

Even so, when an article in the 1978 (No. 1) issue of Gene Duplantier’s Ufolk magazine was recently posted to AFU (a wonderful treasure trove of UFO literature), I couldn’t help but zero in on this particular picture and it’s caption:

Gray Barker, of course, wrote about the Mothman in his 1970 book, The Silver Bridge. Irregardless of what he wrote, and John Keel has suggested that much of it was fabricated, I can’t help wonder if this picture wasn’t a playful nod to his private thoughts on the subject of the Mothman’s true identity.

It’s pure speculation, of course, but who knows what we’ll uncover as we continue to research for this forthcoming biography.

Keep digging!

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